The Really Useful Reflection, Envisioning and Blueprint Pack combines all three of our signature products to provide you with a comprehensive guide to your living best life ahead.

Discover lessons from the past, uncover passions for the future and combine both in a flexible framework that complements the way you like to plan and organize.

Alison Smith, Founder of The Really Useful People Group, is on a mission to help people thrive and flourish by positively transforming their lives. The processes of reflecting, envisioning and creating future focused blueprints have been cornerstones of her 30-year career working with individuals and organizations.

This pack includes 35 printable pages to help you explore each topic. Some questions and exercises will delight you; others will cause you to pause and ponder, all of it is Really Useful!

The pages included in the Really Useful Reflection Tool are:

  • Cover Page
  • Warm Up
  • My Year of Relationships
  • My Physical Year
  • My Year of Contribution
  • My Mental Year
  • My Year of Stewardship
  • My Influencers and Influences
  • The Big Finish

The pages included in the Really Useful Envisioning Tool are:

  • Cover Page
  • My Favorite Things
  • My Values
  • My Best Life in Words
  • My Best Life in Pictures
  • My Roles
  • My Seasonal Favorites
  • S.O.S (stray oughts and shoulds)
  • My Year of Choice
  • The Big Finish

The pages included in the Really Useful Blueprint Tool are:

  • Cover Page
  • Looking Back From 90
  • My Life
  • Future Me
  • My Next Year
  • My Next Decade
  • My Seasonal Framework
  • My Support Team
  • Activating My Blueprint

The pack is designed to be printed on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and is an instant digital download. Nothing will be shipped.