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The silent 't' behind my profile

I love Linkedin, the connection, community, collaboration and everything that goes with it. ...

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Surmounting strategic planning struggles

You all know them and have suffered at their pesky hands. It's the middle of the year ...

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Lessons from the power washer

Did you ever have a REALLY brilliant idea with which you were completely beguiled, only to later realize ...


8/8 Marbles Day

Have you ever lost your marbles? I have. Twice actually. In Britain where I grew up, the phrases ...

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Do you have a best friend at work?

Way back in the mists of time I was responsible for managing the Gallup Employee Engagement ...

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Coming to America: Lessons from a yearlong job swop (swap)

Life was good. I’d just bought my first flat near London and was busily nesting and making plans ...