The Really Useful People

Incredibly talented, wonderful human beings and highly recommended to work with.


Michael Heller

Company: Orangebluff Consulting

Mission: Role-model for my boys & maximizer for everybody else

Skills: Growth Strategy, Innovation, Cross-Functional Leadership, Strategic Planning

Fun Fact: I was once caught playing hooky while consulting in New York because I was on the front cover of the New York Times at a Twins/Yankee playoff game.

Volunteers with: American Cancer Society



Nancy Fisher

Company: The Good Life Revolution

Mission: Meaningful people development for all stages and levels

Skills: Coach, Facilitator, Workshop leader, Strengthsfinder expert, fun seeker & lover of life. Certifications: Gallup-Certified Strengthsfinder Coach, ICF ACC, Certified Transitions Coach, Leadership Circle practitioner, Results Accelerator Coach

Fun Fact: I carry a frightening amount of 80’s Music Trivia in my head at all times.



Michele Vig

Company: Neat Little Nest

Mission: We are a Home organization company that helps people create the beautifully organized spaces they've always dreamed about

Skills: Home + Office Organizing Expert | Motivational Speaker | Clutter Buster

Fun Fact: I’ve been known to organize shelves in retail stores if they are really in need of some organizing attention.

Volunteers with: ELCA Global Mission for Women



Amy Zastrow

Company: Success Architects, LLC

Mission: Help dynamic business leaders and business teams maximize their impact and simplify their success

Skills: Business Impact Coach, Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker

Fun Fact: I spent a semester in England at Harlaxton College living in a huge British manor (a.k.a. castle)



Gretchen Fernelius

Company: Pup Tent Communications

Mission: Blending thought with action to help organizations navigate change, manage crisis, transform culture or enhance storytelling

Skills: Communications Strategist, Writer, Collaborator, Culture Creator 

Fun Fact: I am focused on filling my passport with as many stamps as possible – my National Parks passport, that is!

Volunteers with:Can Do Canines, This Old Horse (member of the Feed Crew)



Bennett Bratt

Company: The Team Effectiveness Project, LLC

Mission: To usher in a newfound sense of ownership and effectiveness for teams and leaders through profound insights, deep inclusion, and pragmatic, positive change

Skills: Coaching teams and leaders; facilitation; listening and helping you brainstorm ideas; speaker

Fun Fact: Enjoy getting lost, cooking, and crossword puzzles

Favorite Causes:healthy minds; effective learning; social progress



Nicki Craig

Company: Nicki Craig - Artist/Storyteller

Mission: To use my Artistic Design and Communication skills to help people and organizations communicate, engage, strategize and tell their story through Visuals with Impact. 

Skills: Artwork - Analog and Digital, Creative thinking, Listening, Synthesizing and Representing information, Visual Communications

Fun Fact: I drive on two continents and get into the wrong side of the car on BOTH - always an exciting ride!

Favorite Causes: Those that build community and help people live their best lives - ensuring basic needs are met and the opportunity to reach full potential is given to all.



Suzanne Kragt

Company: Suzanne Kragt Coaching

Mission: To encourage and uplift people to have lives full of meaning and purpose. I love working with people in the midst of transition to move them forward.

Skills: Coach, Facilitator, Explorer, Personal Stylist

Fun Fact: I am a lover of all things Disney - I have been to all the parks except Shanghai Disney and am hoping to get there in 2019.

Volunteers with: Wooddale Church



Kathleen Crandall

Company: Know My Impact

Mission: Bring people and business brands to life and answer the question, "What happens because of you?" 

Skills: Personal Branding, Small Business Branding, Message Development, Keynote Speaker (The Impact of You), Speaker Coaching & Presentation Content

Fun Fact: In my free time I can be found at small music venues listening to blues and classic rock and am obsessed with Chris Robinson formerly of The Black Crowes.

Favorite Causes: I do a lot of pro bono work for organizations that empower people – young and old – to find their dream job. I also do work with HumansFirst to help corporations around the world put people first in the workplace.



Ajit Menon

Company: Blacklight Advisory Ltd

Mission: Helping individuals and organisations thrive and flourish

Skills: Executive Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Teacher, Speaker and Writer

Fun Fact: I used to be a radio jockey when I was 17 years old.



Kevin Ennis

Company: Kevin Ennis - Independent Consultant

Mission: Helping people drop their baggage and get on with living their great lives!

Skills: Coaching, facilitation, and consulting on individual, team, and leadership effectiveness

Fun Fact: I am a true Gemini: I am a former rock and roll musician and retired US Navy officer.

Supports: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Dakota County



Suzanne Bourne

Company: Suzanne Bourne

Mission: Everyone needs the opportunity to become the person they were made to be. I am on a personal mission to bring that opportunity to those caring for a loved one. 

Skills: Coach and facilitator developing and delivering programmes for people in challenging circumstances. Pretty good project manager too.

Fun Fact: I love the town where I live so much that I created the Yummy Yateley Cookbook....have you been to Yateley lately?

Volunteers with: Cranford Park School, St Peter's Church, Alpha and Parkinson's UK.